What are the benefits of Bhulekh land record?

The Bhulekh is the online portal for the resident of Odisha state. The candidate who resides in the state or who resides in the state can check their property or the land details. The information regarding the property value, land area, Plot number, owner and the other details associated with it can be obtained at a click. It will help the buyer and seller to know the land details.

Services available at Odisha Bhulekh

The candidate can access the services which are as follows on the official site of the Odisha Bhulekh. Check about each as follows in the article. If you reside in the state then you can attain the following services available at the Odisha Bhulekh.

  • You can get the revenue khataunai code for villages.
  • The candidate can view the Record of Rights (RoR).
  • To get the information and records of the litigations for the disputed property.
  • You can also view the Village maps by making use of the official web portal.
  • The contender can also get the copy of Khatauni.
  • The candidate can also get the SMS alerts and Pattadars and other functionaries information.
  • The candidate can avail the khataunai code copy.

Advantages of Odisha Bhulekh

Each facility helps the people and is initiated for the convenience of the people of the state.The following are the advantages of the Odisha Bhulekh. You can check the advantages in the following points:

  1. It will help common people to get the data online easily.
  2. Easy access to the Land Record or details about the land.
  3. The information available will be accurate and completely reliable.
  4. The online facility of Odisha Bhulekh will save the time of the people.
  5. Waiting and standing in Long queues is avoided with the initiation of the Odisha Bhulekh Portal.

Orissa Bhulekh land records are the easily accessible computer operating software. All the information regarding the property in the state is easily availed. It will also reduce the bogus related to the fake sales of property or land.

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